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Share Comment Have you ever watched Captain America on screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and wondered exactly what it captain america that makes him so awesome? In preparation for the upcoming Captain America: It turned a sickly Steve into the captain america human specimen, just like that. Without fatigue, Captain Captain america cannot only use his physical dominance over everyone as an advantage, but he can do it for hours at a time, absolutely pummeling anyone who dares to face him.

captain america

Skilled in acrobatics, martial arts, marine combat, boxing, judo, jiujitsu, muay thai, and just about everything else, Captain America has spent captain america hours mastering the art captain america combat and perfecting it to an art. Which is where his next power comes in… 8. Able to heal broken bones in merely a day and mend bullet or knife wounds in just hours, Captain America has had his fair share of bad injuries erased almost immediately. Once coming back from a broken neck after just a week, nothing keeps Cap down for long, including deadly poisons.

After receiving the Super Soldier Serum Captain America realized that he developed an immunity to captain america Earthly diseases, as he never gets sick and cannot be killed with toxins or poisonous gasses. He is also completely immune to smallpox, anthrax, and HIV, which would make a pretty cool party trick if only there were a way for him to properly show that off.

It also makes you boring at a party, because Captain America has captain america total immunity to alcohol; but that may work in his favor.

captain america

And to make it more impressive, Captain America has done it on two separate occasions. Though Captain America could only budge the hammer during a scene in Avengers: Resistant To Hypnosis Captain america was a big thing at one point in comics history, because there was a time when a simple hypnosis scene would be all it took for a villain to get what they wanted from the hero. captain america

captain america

This obscure resistance comes from his astounding ability to never lose focus, which is also why captain america gasses or other chemicals can shake him. And speaking of intellectual advantages… 3.

captain america

On top of all this, Captain America also has a perfect memory, which is great for military tactics such as speaking multiple languages, espionage skills, and enhanced reasoning.

There may be other superheroes in the Marvel Universe who can beat him in a fight, but captain america it comes to planning and adapting, Captain America can work faster than a computer to change an outcome immediately and end up with the upper hand. Basically, he can see ten steps ahead of you, both metaphorically and literally; mostly because of his next captain america 2.

Designed by Wakandans — the same people who made the Avengers kickass quinjets and cars — Captain America apparently drew the short straw when he got what is essentially captain america Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. Starting out as a comic book writer and artist before taking the Super Soldier Serum, Captain america America is one of the few people in the Marvel Universe that had a cool talent before becoming a superhero. In fact — in one of the more impressive trivia facts in Marvel history — Captain America even created the Captain America comic book that is published within his captain america Captain America stories.

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