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dragon knight

At the end of The Dragon and the GeorgeJim regains his human form and obtains the land and titles of the deposed antagonist Sir Hugh, who re-appears later in the series. His understanding of the medieval world proves a great asset to Jim, who is occasionally perplexed by its customs. Dragon knight some ways the modern stereotype or archetype of a Wizard: Identified in dragon knight books as a founder of the Collegiate of Magickians to which dragon knight belongs.

Noted for addressing every character, including royaltyby personal names or nicknames, without reference to title, and for extensive knowledge of anachronisms.

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Married after the first book to the female archer known as Danielle. Aragh changed to Aargh in later books [ edit ] A wolf capable of speech and noted for an unrepentantly-abrasive dragon knight, distinguished by a strong nationalism, dragon knight of territoryand an unceasing pragmatism.

Of dragon knight size, by descent from the Dire Wolves. Able to move without being seen or heard, even when watched. Ally to all the main characters, including Jim. Her role has varying degrees of importance, in dragon knight being a lady, she is required to remain at her own estate while Jim is away; to oversee all that occurs in it; and to maintain custom and courtesy in all situations. Most of the books end with their re-union after an arduous adventure.

As a rule, Angie takes negative stimuli with more poise than Jim, who is continually frustrated by the situations he encounters. Not a companion as much as an alternate form assumed by Jim.

Later a friend to the latter among the Cliffside dragons. Depicted as comically pompous, but possessed of great courage and able to overawe the dragon knight dragons of his colony in any debate.

dragon knight

Secoh[ edit ] Dragon knight wetland-dwelling "mere-dragon": Fought alongside Smrgol to kill the dragon Bryagh. Responsible for skirmishing against the forces of Sir Hugh dragon knight the dragon knight vicinity of the Loathly Tower, the headquarters of the Dark Powers.

Married to Dafydd after the first book. Thereafter she is mentioned by name, but usually in connection with her husband and their children, who are said to be numerous. She is equal dragon knight rank to the latter, and appears initially as his judge in a magical contest. Addressed familiarly by Carolinus and Angie as "Kin". Depicted as martial in character. Sir John Chandos[ edit ] A powerful and intelligent knight, who often enlists Jim to conduct difficult and unusual missions. Edward owes Jim and Brian his freedom from captivity by the renegade Magickian Malvinne, and is known to speak on their behalf before the King.

May Heather[ edit ] A young, but brave and loyal kitchen maid at Malencontri. Sometimes a source of worry to Sir James and Lady Angela, but otherwise considered an asset. Rrrnlf[ dragon knight ] A humaniform, amphibious Giantidentified in a dialogue as a "Sea Devil".

Described as essentially cone-shaped, in that he is largest in diameter at the head, and narrowest at the feet, with each area of dragon knight body narrower than the one above it. An ally to Sir James and Lady Angela, and able to travel from any body of water to any other regardless of physical removal. Usually depicted as amiable, cheerful, and slightly simple-minded, as well as affectionate and respectful of all whom he encounters.

Villains[ edit ] The Dark Powers[ edit ] A malicious force, chief antagonist of the series, having an especial grudge against humans and magicians, that unceasingly attempts to set the world dragon knight either dragon knight or chaos.

dragon knight

Their power is centered at Loathly Tower and all immediate terrain, within England. Dragon knight England to enlist in the services of the Dark Powers, and later fled England, to re-appear in later books. Power-hungry and ruthless, the Earl frequently attempts various plots to take dragon knight throne, even as far as attacking the mythical land of Lyonesse. The Earl regards the Dragon knight Knight and his companions as a constant annoyance to his schemes, which they consistently dismantle.

Shown as dragon knight relatively benign character in The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll, wherein she is introduced; but depicted as malicious in later books. Bryagh[ edit ] Renegade dragon who left the Cliffside dragon community whereof Smrgol and Gorbash were members to serve the Dark Powers. Killed by Smrgol and Secoh. Malvinne[ edit ] A rogue magickian in league with the Dark Powers. A long-time rival of Carolinus.

Defeated by Jim and company. Sandmirks[ edit ] Matriarchal, rodentine creatures that dragon knight terror in their intended victims by production of high-frequency sound.

dragon knight

These sounds have no effect on wolves, but take full effect on dragons and men alike.