Fx team mod release 2.0

A letter and diary from the developers An insider look at some of the many challenges that come with porting a mod to post For a lot of people the 7th of June, will not be remembered as the day the 2. A mere three words that carried with them perhaps a greater impact than the entirety of the 2. We fx team mod release 2.0 now more than half a year later.

fx team mod release 2.0

Amidst a number of discouragements for fx team mod release 2.0 modding community, such as the people and assets responsible for the 2. In order to make the mod run on current version, A LOT of things need to be done. We are finally close, so be patient.

fx team mod release 2.0

Before anything else I want to say this. We are not there yet. There still is a tremendous amount of work to be done and bugs to filter out, and it will probably be a considerable amount of time before we can present a completely stable version fx team mod release 2.0 the FXmod again. However, we are getting closer.

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Whereas before we were reaching around in darkness, we now have our eyes fixated on the light that emanates from the exit of the tunnel. We know where to fx team mod release 2.0, and although the distance to the exit is still considerable, we now have a path to follow. To commemorate the release of a post It has been an absolute pleasure and an honor working and talking with you guys, and I look forward to many fx team mod release 2.0 years to come.

Making a HOD is never easy. Not only do you need a model, but you also need all necessary information required for that model to function in-game, such as structure of turrets, position of FX to be played, animations Making a HOD1 requires a program named maya3 as well as plugins offered by Relic. Here is an example: Thus, under this circumstance, our only option is to start from scratch to get our DAEs.

For simple HODs, this may be doable, but it is impossible for us.

fx team mod release 2.0

A simple structure of a turret in 3DMAX looks like this: As you can see, this massive monster eventually became the moving limbs on those gundams. Another example is about animations. A simple animation of Balcora Gate rotating regular HW2 looks like this: Now, the animation sequence for the frontal cannon of the Kadeshi Needleship is our FXmod looks like this: As you can see, none the HODs we made in the past decade is simple.

In fact, it would take us at least another decade to make these all over again fx team mod release 2.0 scratch. This is why re-doing these is not a viable option, and we had to rely fx team mod release 2.0 Gearbox to provide the necessary working tools.

fx team mod release 2.0

During the endless waiting, we came to fx team mod release 2.0 that we might be on our own. And fx team mod release 2.0 found something within the same month the 2. This made things simpler, but not by a lot as there were other complications. As you may know, we 9CCN are an open team; people come, make stuff, and leave again as their real-life commitments take over or they lose interest in the game. In one word, the progress was slow.

The solution was four lines of code: How simple is that? Yet, it indeed took us fx team mod release 2.0 than a year to figure it out.

In case a fellow Homeworld modder or someone else reading this is interested, we made a simple tool to do this which you can find here: Soon after the HOD issue was solved we ran fx team mod release 2.0 other problems, this time with our models: Textures The engine of our Taiidan carrier had suddenly collided with the textures used by our Taiidan frigates, and the Turanic outpost was suddenly textured by one of the turanic subsystems!

So this begs the question: How can textures of ship A show up on ship B? After testing them again and again, this is what we found: The reason for this is that, in HWRM v2. So we had to script another tool to give every of our textures a unique name: Unfortunately, many of our units have such markers copied from other units or ignored when the model updates.

So the result is that the game just crash and crash and crash So basically this is what we are doing everyday now: But the struggle is not over yet, we still have tons of other problems: For instance, something about this turret on the Kadeshi Fuel Pod does not seem not right There is light at the end of the tunnel now. But, we will still need time to fix all these issues, one by one.

EmptySoul01 Mar 4 Take all the time you need, been playing the old HW2 one and its fx team mod release 2.0 fun and good.