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Play Preparing for battle The Clash of Clans team has a игра клеш оф кланс for being fast. But when the time was finally right to create Clan Wars, this fast-moving team had to slow things down. See why this update took longer than the rest and why the end result was worth the wait.

Players were eager to wage war since the game was in its infancy. The team presumed that they would one day release Clan Wars, but not before months of planning, quite a few hours of lost sleep and, subsequently, many игра клеш оф кланс of caffeine. Игра клеш оф кланс answer is probably less complex than one might imagine: It was a matter of timing really.

Clash was very young then, requiring an aging process to grow roots in the community. This was going to take time. As senior server engineer Jonas puts it: Real time strategy games, already a hallmark of mobile gaming, sought to capitalize on player desire for Clan Wars, with other companies creating their own wily takes on the concept.

игра клеш оф кланс

However undeterred, the Clash team chose to move slowly, making sure both they and the community were игра клеш оф кланс before dropping such a game-changing feature.

What followed carried the team from Novemberall the way to April It was five straight months of rigorous development.


Clash of Clans is played all over the world in 14 different languages. How many screens can you fit on one desk? Typically, an update is a four to six week ordeal. But the enormous desire for Clan Wars inspired the team to push utterly for polish. Maintaining simplicity was imperative; Clash had to have a sense of purity by way of consistency in gameplay mechanics.

Developing Clan Wars took as long as it did because producing something so игра клеш оф кланс is, in practice, complicated.

игра клеш оф кланс

By the end of development, the team had experimented with no less игра клеш оф кланс four игра клеш оф кланс of the concept before eventually going live. As game artist James put it: We did that twice. And the game is better for it. When the team realized the concept was loftier than it had to be, they hunkered down to have another go.

Their response was swift and characteristic of their agility.

игра клеш оф кланс

They gathered together, saying: They knew what they wanted as a team and as fans of the game. Clan Wars turned out the way it игра клеш оф кланс simply because it was created by people who love the game.

That raw honesty not only suits the determined denizens of Helsinki but is also a regular sentiment within the team.

игра клеш оф кланс

When we see a problem, everyone is completely committed to fixing it. This is something unique to the Finnish gaming industry in general and our team in particular.