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Edit The campaign poster for The Parishthe final campaign in the game. The plot is similar to Left 4 Dead; it involves the aftermath of the Infection one week after the events of the previous game, now being around three weeks after the first infection. The story starts left 4 dead 2 noon in Savannah, Georgia.

left 4 dead 2

left 4 dead 2 As the last rescue helicopter leaves the building, four unlucky Survivors climb up the hotel to find that they were just a couple of seconds too late. With this newfound predicament, the group decides to go to a mall, where it is said that another evacuation center is still in operation.

When the group reaches the mall, they find left 4 dead 2 it has been overwhelmed by the Infected. In desperate hope, they decide to pierce deeper into the building in hopes that the evacuation center was simply deeper inside.

left 4 dead 2

It turns out that the center was decimated, and all the CEDA agents are either dead or infected. This proves successful, and the Survivors escape Savannah. During their escape, the group stops at a bridge raised by three of the original Survivors from Left 4 Dead. One of them will meet the Survivors and inform them that they cannot left 4 dead 2 the bridge for the group because the generator that used to lower left 4 dead 2 bridge is out of fuel, and they must tend to one of their own who is wounded.

After battling through a wedding with the Witch brideleft 4 dead 2 streets, and a "historical sewer," the Survivors then meet up with the other three again. After the three original Survivors agree to help by defending them from higher ground, the Savannah group is able to fend off most of the Infected, find gas cans, fill up the generator, cross the lowered bridge, and drive off while exchanging farewells as they continue to New Orleans.

The escape car works well until the Survivors find that the highway is blocked by abandoned vehicles, seemingly going on for miles. Finding no other way past, the Survivors leave the car behind and proceed by foot.

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When they go below the overpass, they see searchlights still online in the distance. The group then decides to head for the lights, in hope of finding some uninfected people. The searchlights turn out to be originating from Whispering Oaks Amusement Park and Fairgrounds, which is now a hunting ground for a large number of Infected individuals.

The Survivors wander through the park left 4 dead 2 a bit of time until they see a helicopter fly over head. Newly inspired, they decide to hold a rock concert set up for the Midnight Riders in hopes that the loud music and Grammy-award-winning pyrotechnics will left 4 dead 2 the helicopter.

When they finally enter the amphitheater, they activate the controls and find out that the sound is attracting a massive amount of Infected along left 4 dead 2 the helicopter pilot. After much fighting, the helicopter finally decides to make a pick-up and the Survivors barely escape the abandoned carnival.

The Survivors of Left 4 Dead 2.

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From left left 4 dead 2 right: Ellis, Coach, Rochelle, and Nick But once again, luck is not on their side, and the helicopter is forced to do a crash landing after the helicopter pilot turns out to be infected and was shot by one of the Survivors. The Survivors exit the wrecked helicopter to find that they landed in a bayou.

They pass through a small village and find that the populace decided to take matters into their own hands and barricade themselves against the Infected. Without any other option, the Survivors decide to try to find the barricaded area.

They left 4 dead 2 through a swamp, fight numerous Infected, and find a crashed airliner in their path to the safe area. When they reach it, they discover that the townspeople were overwhelmed by the infectionbut luck turns out to be on their side this time as they find someone wrote on a wall about an old plantation house and a nearby left 4 dead 2. The Survivors head toward it and find a radio, and manage to contact a man named Virgil who has a boat further down the river.

Virgil and the group have a short discussion via radio, and the Survivors tell him that they are at the plantation home. Virgil recognizes the location and begins to navigate his way to their location. After the Survivors fight off hordes of Infected, Virgil arrives and blows down the gates that blocked their way to the river, the Survivors then jump on the boat to safety.

Unfortunately, this gas station is out of fuel, and the Survivors forgot the bag of guns, and have to travel two miles east, navigating through a Witch-infested sugar mill to collect gas. Even more unfortunately, they have to once again walk those two miles back, except uphill, in the midst of a torrential downpour.

The forgotten bag of guns also held the flares to contact Virgil. So they decide to signal Virgil by lighting up the Burger Tank sign left 4 dead 2 the dock. They defend themselves once more against hordes of Infected until Virgil finally arrives for them. At long last, Virgil drops the Survivors at a waterfront in New Orleans. He then leaves, saying he is on his way to find other Survivors. The group of Survivors then fight their way through the waterfront, a park, a cemetery, and the French Quarter, coming to a bridge in the middle of being bombed by the military.

On the other side of the bridge is a military chopper about to leave. The Survivors manage to contact the military over the radio and then run across the bridge to left 4 dead 2 awaiting chopper pilot who carries them to a military cruise ship. The Cover and Rating Edit The latest cover hand leftthe previous one centerand the oldest known one right.

The cover of the Left 4 Dead 2 is almost identical to the original Left 4 Dead cover. The hand was modeled once again by hand model Left 4 dead 2 Wicklund. The idea was to create a hand missing another two fingers along with the famous original missing thumb, resulting in a hand only holding up two fingers, further signifying the number two.

Around June the ESRB told Valve that the new cover is unacceptable, and the idea was changed to tucking the two unwanted fingers behind the hand left 4 dead 2 attain the desired effect, yet still keep the missing thumb. The ESRB was asked why they still allowed the new cover with only the missing thumb, yet not accepting the two unwanted fingers and the thumb.

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The ESRB has declined to comment. The hand drastically changed, as did left 4 dead 2 background, which is now yellow. In the United Kingdom, the cover was changed to show left 4 dead 2 hand facing the opposite direction, as the two-finger sign towards the viewer is considered an insult. This cover design change does not apply with the New Zealand and Australian versions of the game even though the direction of the two-finger sign applies in those countries as left 4 dead 2.

Australia and Germany censored Left 4 Dead 2, removing some features generally to do left 4 dead 2 violence: Virtually no blood is found after killing the Infected and is impossible to remove any body parts from using weapons on them. Despite this, achievements for dismemberment were still included and can be awarded in the Australian version Fire and Explosive Effects: Infected can no longer be set on fire and no damage is visible when hit with Explosive Ammo or the Pipe Bomb. Infected that the game registers as having been set on fire act in the same way as they would if on fire except that no fire is visible.

After dying, the Infected disappear, often before they even hit the ground Infected: The Riot Infected is removed from the game, because it "encourages violence against official authority". In the Australian version, the Riot Infected was eventually put back in with minor alterations to remove any connection to official authorities. The cover for the UK version of the game. The cover for the German version. The latest cover art for Left For Dead 2.