Silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду

A whole new story. Right at the beginning of the fight, dash to silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду corner, preferably the farthest away corner from the two Pyramid Heads. From there, try to fire off two to four shots on Easy and Normal Action Level, then strafe out of the way using either L1 or R1 appropriately. Strafe to the next corner or the corner directly across from your current location the farthest one away before either Pyramid Head stabs you.

silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду

The Pyramid Heads only have one attack silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду them, and that is approaching James and stabbing him with their spears. On Normal or lower, you should be able to get off at least two shots before the Pyramid Heads reach you. This is because the Pyramid Heads move much faster on Hard.

After firing your shots, strafe out of the way and reposition yourself in another corner. Once again, always hold L2 to position the camera on the Pyramid Heads, especially so that you can see the distance from the Pyramid Heads to you.

First encounter with Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

When firing at the Pyramid Heads, you only aim at one. The two Pyramid Heads share health, so this is why this happens. When the second silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду stuns the two Pyramid Heads, it buys you time to make your escape. You can actually trick the Pyramid Heads, too. If one of them is close and you strafe towards him, it should trigger him to try to stab you.

However, quickly strafe back the instant this attack is triggered. This is great for buying time, which will allow you to fire more shots in the next corner. Another strategy is using the Great Knife, but it can be difficult to do.

First, you should get a good distance away from the Pyramid Heads, then pull out the Great Knife in a corner. Ready the knife, and when they start to get close, press X hard enough so that James performs the executioner swing.

This will heavily damage the Pyramid Heads and silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду may also make them spin with their spears, which is quite strange.

silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду

silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду Another way to use the Great Knife is to wait for them to get close enough, and then perform the normal swing attack so that it bounces of them, and repeat the strategy.

Using the Great Knife is fun to try, but the Hunting Rifle is definitely sufficient. If you ever run out of Rifle ammo, revert to the Handgun. The Handgun lacks power, but has a quick firing rate abnd is very versatile.

You can even strafe while firing, which is always great. After around twenty Rifle shots on Normal Action Level, the Pyramid Heads should stop and head to the center of the room. On Hard Action Level, it will obviously take silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду time and ammo -- around 50 shells and four to five minutes.

When one takes two hits in a row, they are both stunned. I am the god of hellfire and I bring you

silent hill 2 как убить пирамиду